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Training Process
We propose the intervention strategy as follows:
Stage 1) Diagnostic stage
Before actually intervening into peoples mind and psyche it would be appropriate to conduct a two days cross hierarchical training needs analysis at your plant, a detailed discussion will be held with your workmen, supervisors, managers and Sr. managers. Each level is asked that how they can improve their performance of their role and about the others. This provides adequate information to trainer about the actual training needs of each level as seen and visualized by other level. This data helps the trainer to focus on the grass root level needs. Top level management is involved at this stage to have a broader management perspectives. The prioritization of needs is done at this stage for first intervention and review intervention.
Stage 2) Intervention Stage
A properly designed and meticulously prepared trainings intervention is planned for 2-3 days. Our objective is not the knowledge enhancement but to initiate change in their mind set, help them to neuro scan their personality and to activate the process of reprogramming their mind set, redesign their attitude profiling, and a scientific refreezing process is introduced so that a participant reaches a stage to see to visualize his personality in total perspective and realize his strengths and weaknesses and negative areas.
The process of self realization is very vital at this stage. Once self awareness level is heightened, the commitment for change phase is initiated, all participants leave the program with written down commitments for change and a promise to reappear for training after 100 days.
The interaction process is highly clinical, diagnostic almost amounts to micro sensitivity. No aid is utilized, only interplay of human mind is encouraged with focus on now and here experiences. The emotional content is the uppermost in the mind of the trainer.

Stage 3) Review and Performance Analysis Stage
We plan a review module after 100 days and before that proper evaluation performa are designed to collect information and views of individual himself and from his immediate superiors or manager. This two level feedback is fully utilized at this stage which can be technically called the re-freezing stage. The participants leave the program with fresh commitments, the above process can be termed as process turnkey and the objective is to constantly build powerful commitments for change and transformation.

The entire focus is to reprogram the mind, attitudes and ultimately the integrated personality.