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Towards Excellence In Customer Relations

. Basic personality pack, self introspection, SWOT analysis.
. Understating customer behavior, psyche, sensitivities, attitude and mind set.
. Role of selling and marketing executive, transition from reactive to proactive mode.
. Understanding self and customer and developing excellent interpersonal relationship and trust.
. Ability to comprehend and analysis customer’s state of mind.
. Macro approach in understanding market scenario.
. Leadership in selling self-creating positive self image.
. Result oriented communication, body language, NLP.
. Understanding the motivational profile of the customer and adopting adequate strategy.
. Ability to identify customer problems complaints, issues and grievances, and addressing them accordingly.
. Developing decision making skills and problem solving ability.
. Periodic performance review with sales team about sales target, member’s personalities, capabilities, skills and input to reinforce them.
. Performance counselling and positive feedback.