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Towards Excellence In Trade Unionism

 Basic personality pack, self introspection, SWOT analysis.
 Trade Union Role in augmenting Company vision and mission.
 Developing and initiating the integration and ownership process of workman with company and management.
 Proactive role of Trade Union in the competitive era of shrinking business and escalating costs.
 Proactive executive skills of Trade Union Members.
 Projecting members as role model for employees to emulate and practice.
 Demonstrating and practising positive attitude in dealing with management in macro and micro issues.
 Developing win-win strategy and positive negotiation skills.
 Creating a motivational Climate for Union, management relationship for achieving corporation goals.
 Encouraging creativity and innovation attitude amount employees.
 Self motivation and motivating others.
 Team building, transition from 1 to WE.
 Time Management.