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Time & Task Management

• Basic personality pack, Micro lab, SWOT Analysis,
• Surfing the personality web to analyse time utilization.
• Time management – Its need and importance.
• Dispelling myths of time utilization and preservation.
• Principles of time management.
• Where does the manager’s time go?
• Use of the time logs, interpretation of time logs.
 Personal
 Social
 Organizational
• Principle of 3 D, delay, dump and decide
• Managing visitors, telephones and meetings effectively.
• The (UN) organized manager
• Crises to organized paradigm.

  DAY 2
• Strategically designing strategies to combat time wasters.
• Assertive personality for better time management.
• Ability to say Yes of No.
• Proactive leadership for taming time structure.
• Delegation – The key to total time management.
• Helping subordinates towards better time utilization.
• Effective time managers : Characteristics and Skills.
• Using time in creative thinking.
• Making timely decision and taking timely actions.
• Managing meetings for time effectiveness.
• Managerial stress, ability to cope stress for generating OK feelings for better time utilization.
• Personalized time management plan.