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The Training Programme On Selling Skills

. Role of Khadi and its integration into Indian Cultural Ethos.
. Understanding Vision and Mission.
. Ownership with the organisation.
. Basic personality pack Analyzing, introspecting one’s personality   profile.
. Role of salesman, conceptual clarity.
. Developing positive attitude, empowering and eliminating   disempowering attitude.
. Strategic selling, identify single and bulk customer.
. Role of human personality in selling.
. Understanding customer psychology, customer behavior and   developing selling skills and based on that.


. Communication ethos and selling empathetic listening  understanding non verbal and body languages of the customer.
.  Developing interpersonal relationship with the customer, developing interpersonal trust.
.  Projecting a team image about your organization.
.  Resolving small interpersonal, cross functional conflicts.
.   Basic customary attitude and etiquette and dealing with man and women customer.
.  Assertive selling, effective selling.
.  Salesmen inner motivation and his ability to motivate customer.