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MTS is India's premier Management Consultancy Organisation, Highly accredited among its clients as an external resource for converting employees productivity into visible results in the areas of organisation behaviour, motivation, leadership, communication, cost effectiveness, marketing and quality enhacement.

" Our OD Philosophy leads to creation of a climate where individuals feel a sense of involvement and belonging. An ambience where people find fulfilment in work and seek challenges for them selves, also for the organisation through development of self and others. Cause, we value people as individuals, believe in their potential, trust that the individual is the prime unit of change and that is point we initiate our interventions".

Our approach is totally TURN-KEY. We intervene only once, it is decided at the highest corporate level WHAT TO DO? Our organisation development interventions than focus on HOW TO GO ABOUT?

Our OD interventions tends to maximize the contribution of the individual, increasing the individual's personal worth and the development of a person's ability to make further contributions , our focus is on synergy of talents, strengthening members, speeding up the decision-making process and  enhancing individual and personal growth.

A transition from I TO WE paradigm forms our basis of team synergy efforts.


The human mind, the most exciting, fertile place on earth, alive and innovative, agile and active, assimilating the past, experiencing the present, driving the future, deciding the global destiny, empowering and inspiring the mankind to do the seemingly impossible, achieving the insurmountable.

MTS, an intellectual rendezvous, where the mind is equipped with a conducive environment and is free to weave itself to form a dynamic mind system.

MTS, initiatives and interventions primarily focus on human attitude, behavior, and the mindset, the most important factor in India’s corporate, competitive world.

MTS has a long track record of its successful interventions and has monitored training effectiveness on human quality, product quality, productivity, waste and rejection management and synergetic team performance, interpersonal trust, relationships, time management, heightened motivational climate and conductive work atmosphere.

ISO, QS and TS auditors has overwhelmingly appreciated and applauded the role of MTS in creating a constant learning organization based on performance management.

Our endeavor and focus is to facilitate and assist your human resources to:
 . To re-program their mindset
 . To re-design their attitudes
 . To activate the right brain thinking process
 . To help to re-engineer the total personality
 . To develop the capacity to dream, visualize the big picture, and think out of the box.
 . To help them to re-discover, re-invent the WINNER content in their personality.
 . To start the journey from introversion to extroversion
 . To discard the psychological junk, phobias and frights
 . To help them to Neuro linguistic programming (NLP) of their mind.
At MTS, we also think differently and endeavor to create the TOTAL QUALITY PEOPLE.