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Proactive Leadership And Assertiveness

• Basis personality pack, Micro lab, SWOT Analysis,
• Surfing the personality web.
• Conceptual clarity on proactive leadership
• Understanding & diagnosing human behaviour and human    process
• Transition from reactive to proactive mode
• Your role as proactive leader
• Inter-personal role
• Informational role
• Decision making role
• Leadership drives, motives fusion of drives towards corporate goals
• To enhance proactive excellence of your team members
• Leader as a guide, friend, philosopher & path finder
• Proactive leadership – setting yourself as role model


• Assertive personality components of assertive behaviour
• Assessing leadership assertiveness : setting assertiveness goals
• Role of result oriented communication
• Neuro-linguistic programming
• Psycho-cybernetics
• Emphatic listening, processing of empowering and disempowering emotions.
• Fears and feelings
• Counseling skills for attitudinal and behavioral modifications of team members
• Team leadership-an essential component of team effectiveness
• Group synergy and collaborating skills.
• Ability to synergies differences in creative and innovative way
• Assertive leader-creativity and innovation process
• Creating positive work culture
• Developing effective leadership skills for
• Analytical ability
• Emotional competencies
• Motivation competencies-EQ
• Ability to respond to change with more creativity
• Ability to absorb stress with more energy
• Personalized behaviour modification plan to be given to facilitator