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Creating A Postive Culture
1. Basic personality
- Basic personality pack
- Personal SWOT on values, beliefs and attitudes
- Organization to an Institution – A transition
- Diagonostic lab for culture analysis
- Organizational SWOT

2. Organization culture
- Organization culture
• Origin, Growth, stabalisation
• Comparability in corporate goals and organization culture
- Internalized value system for shared vision

3. Role of organization development in culture building
• Self awareness, personal growth
• Inter-personal competence
• Team work
• Inter-group co-operation
• Environmental coping
- Participative, problem solving, goal setting and decision making culture
- Appraisal mechanism for feedback system to correct in functional behaviours.

4 Creating a positive motivational climate
• Aligning corporate objectives with individual notional priorities
• Social value in culture building
• Feeling of membership beyond contractual relationship
• Quality of work life (QWL) – key to success
• Freedom to perform, be creative and to decide

5. Role of proactive leadership in institution / culture building
• Power structure which allow participation
• Overcoming negative emotions
• Building a winning team
• Communicating to win
• Inculculating a feeling of belongingness.

6. Role of management systems, cultural renisance
• Organizational factors in cultural
• Communication media for cultural enhancement
• Role of manager to promote a winning culture
• Promoting a win-win culture

7. Institution building strategies
• Cultural symbiosis between organization & its environment
• Demonstrated mission
• Vision of itself
• People-life blood of an institution role of leadership to sustain above process

8. Cultural symbiosis to Understand social ethos
• Articulating value system by which organization behavior is guided
• Modellling new value system
• Synergestic effect of above all
• Designing personalized behaviour modification plan
• Commitment with the consultant
• Feedback to management on areas of concern and action.