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Communication & Presentation Skills                                                                                    A Journey towards positive attitude
· Basic personality pack Analyzing, introspecting one’s personality profile.
· Role of organization communication.
· Result oriented communication, Conceptual clarity
· Communication skills, parameters, pitfalls and accolades
· Diagnosing one’s owns communication style.
· Understanding communication skills inventory.
· Listening skills, an important component of communication.
· Emphatic listening V/S virtual listening.
· Listening components, head, heart, hands, eye and ears.
· Neuro-linguistic programming, a new science of communication.
· Non-verbal communication, body language.
· Enhancing the presentation skills to generate impact on the groups.
· Communication as a tool for motivation and team building.
· Role of interpersonal feedback for enhancing communication.
· Developing personalized behavior modification plans.
· Commitments with the facilitator.

· Basic personality pack.
· Self introspection self analysis
· A personal SWAT.
· Attitude profiling.
· Empowering & disempowering attitudes.
· Role analysis and effects on attitudes.
· Analyzing the negative attitudes, sensing the negative psychological garbage.
· Learning strategies to discard the same.
· Role of values, beliefs, norms perceptions in developing positivity.
· Ability to see the brighter side of all situations.
· Holistic strategies of yoga meditation, prayanam to strengthen the inner self.
· To implant the winner psyche to facilitate the over- all positivity in the personality.