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 Feedback From Our Prestigious Clients :

 Dear Dr. Longani,
 Thank you for conducting an exhaustive OD Intervention on the subject "The positive Work Culture". The module was basically designed as a turn-key process  intervention to compliment the new management efforts to install a new +ve culture with the focus on the following areas:
 1. Improving Communication Chemistry, Interpersonal communication and improved I.P. relationship.
 2. Team Synergy, cohesion with special focus on Cross functional Teamwork.(CFT)
 3. Improving IP trust, better connectivity and bonding of Man Power in terms of their attitude, sensitivity, behaviour and emotional psyche.

 We are pleased to convey that we experienced the following Advantages during the training period itself,

 • Production has increased from 97 tonnes/day to 158 tonnes/day.
 • Loss has come down from 11 tonnes/day to 3 tonnes/day.
 • Cross - Functional team work has substantially improved.
 • Staff has developed new, fresh I.P. relations and equations with other people.
 • Communication process at all levels has improved thus improving the bonding amongst all levels
 • Senior executive have become more accessible and approachable thus facilitating decisions and problem solving
 • Staff has started trusting each other thus complimenting CFT program
 • Staff has learnt the strategies to connect their potential into renewed performance.
 • An improved motivational climate is being experienced throughout the plant.
 • The positive work culture process has been installed thus making it more positive and conducive for personal as well as organizational growth.
 We thank you once again for your sincere efforts for assisting us with Cultural turn around task.