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MANTRG SYSTEMS INDIA, a leading Organization Development Organization focusing on Training & Development and Scientifically drawn ODI (Organization Development Interventions) after conducting Cross - Hierarchical Training needs diagnostics.

The focus is on entire structure starting Workmen (Associates), Line Engineers, Middle Level executives and top Management HOD’s.The Development inputs are tailor made to specific level needs and have adequate provision for review & accountability thus ensuring and quantifying ROI. The Objective is to connect TRAINING EFFECTIVENESS with PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT.

We have been team trainers to three Organizations in Delhi, NCR who got Demming Quality Award recently.

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Dr.Sunil K Longani
( MBA, LLB (Gold), M.A (Clinical Psychology), Phd ( USA)
Mobile : 09810034328
Landline : 0120-4243655
Email : mantrgsystems@gmail.com, mantrg@rediffmail.com
Organisation Development Consultant
Associates : Learning Systems, Cincinnati, Ohio (USA)
Sister Concern : Total Quality People (TQP) Associates
Edutrg Systesms Inida
Sai Management Training Services Pvt.Ltd
Consultants to ISO, QS & TS Certified Companies
 .To help your Human Resources to Neuro-scan their mindsets
 .SWOT Analysis of the personalities
 .To help them in attitude’s profiling
 .To do competency mapping of their skill & competency
 . Growth through Assessment Center Exercises
 .To Re-program and re-design their mindset and attitudes
 .To help them to rediscover the winner content in their personalities
 .To improve team work and cross functional team work (CFT)
 .Self motivation strategies and strategies to motivate performer and non-performer
 . To be more proactive and enhance assertive component of leadership in        their personalities
 .To improve creativity and innovation (Kaizen)
 . Better Quality of decision making and problem solving
 .To improve connectivity amongst Human Resources and create a positive work        culture
 .To creative pro-active teams for pro-active targets and generate overall        motivational climate
 .To improve upon Communication chemistry, both vertical and Horizontal and    transparency in information sharing.